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S3:E7 – From Identified Problem to Identified Possibility ft. Dedee Pfeiffer

From Identified Problem to Identified Possibility ft. Dedee Pfeiffer

We talk with Dedee Pfeiffer about her dealing with lifelong addictions with alcohol and more. As a high functioning alcoholic, Dedee was able to have a career, children and marriages. She was able to accomplish many things while carrying this problem of addiction on her back and trying to hide her struggle. We talk about her progress through her addiction, her progress through rehab and why family and her community are what keep her moving forward in life and sobriety. Our goal in this conversation is to help us to see that the stigmas attached to addiction and rehab need to go away. To help people see that this is a problem that can affect anyone - addiction doesnt care about you, your family, how much money you have in check book or what kind of car you drive. Instead - building a community around you to help you move past that stigma. PLEASE - if you are struggling with some form of active addiction - PLEASE reach out. Get the help that you and your family deserve.

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S3:E6 – Postpartum Depression and New Mothers ft. Angela Knappenberger

Postpartum Depression and New Mothers

Meet Angela Knappenberger. Angela was a new mother with a baby who just decided that she didnt need to sleep. There was issues with sleep, latching on and more. Angela began to experience postpartum depression and was running on emotional and physical fumes. Eventually she began the process of sleep training for her new baby and to allow her to get some sleep as well. Angela also tells us how and why she became a sleep coach to help other families work their way through this journey as well.

For more information on Angela and her work as a sleep coach, please visit the following website - “Register for Lehigh Valley Sleep Coach's FREE Newborn Sleep Workshop! LIVE daily sessions at 10 EST February 14-18 to help you build an awesome sleep foundation and have the best sleeper on the block!”

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S3:E5 – Tis But a Scratch ft. Chris DT Gordon

Tis But a Scratch

Necrotizing Fasciitis. No matter how you say it. It doesn't sound good. Anytime you hear or see the word Necrotizing, nothing good follows. And the story of Chris DT Gordon surviving Necrotizing Fasciitis isn't that much different. We talk with Chris about his journey - how he got it, how he fought it, and how he survived it. We talk about how Chris is now a podcaster and motivational speaker. Chris hosts a podcast called Scarbearers ( I have been a guest on his show) and talks to people who have overcome, but still bear some scars from what life has dealt them. Come for a story of survival, stick around to be inspired by one of the nicest guys you will ever get a chance to meet.

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S3:E4 – Challenges of the Caregiver ft. Lisa Zawrotny

Challenges of the Caregiver

This is my friend and fellow podcaster, Lisa Zawrotny. Lisa has been kind enough to have me on her show called - Positively Living. Lisa is a Productivity Coach certified in time and stress management, but that's not why we have her on the show today. Lisa tells us about the challenges she endured helping her husband care for his aging mother who was having end of life issues while at the same time becoming a new mother. We talk about the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual toll this all took on her, her husband and her new family. We talk about how Lisa got to a point of being able to move forward, and what has helped to stay Focused on Forward. Be sure to stick around for the end and hear the best piece of advice that Lisa ever received through her process. I had to think about it for a long time and it affects nearly every facet of our lives.

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S3:E3 – From Queens to Queens ft. Jaimie Sherling

From Queens to Queens

This is Jaimie Sherling. Her family has been fighting and dealing with cancer with many years. Her father had cancer and won. Her brother had cancer and lost. Jaimie has also fought breast cancer once, and won. And now she's fighting it for a second time. But she shares with us how she managed her way through cancer in both her personal and family life, and the important lessons that she learned along the way. But there are other issues that popped up into her life while she was fighting cancer, which are covered in her book - From Queens to Queens.

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S3:E2 – Iowa Makes Her Break Out in Handcuffs ft. Wendy Weiner Runge

Iowa Makes Break Out in Handcuffs

Meet Wendy Weiner Runge, a film and television producer who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 10 years in an Iowa prison. She tells her story of overcoming and learning how to find the light in the darkness. Wendy also tells us that Iowa is an acronym for "I Oughta Went Around" And if you had endured his mistreatment by the State of Iowa, you to may feel the same way.

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S3:E1 – Wounds ft. Razel Jones and Daniel Abbott

Wounds ft. Razel Jones & Daniel Abbott

Season 3 starts next week with a story of learning to overcome racism, but dealing with the wounds that have resulted. Its an insightful conversation with two men - Razel Jones and Daniel Abbott, who grew up together in northwest Michigan. They tell the stories that lead them to writing their book and sharing their "Wounds" - You can buy their book on Amazon with this link -

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S2:E38 – Surviving the Holocaust ft. Dr. Alex Hershaft

Surviving the Holocaust

In our season 2 finale we present the story of Dr. Alex Hershaft. We talk about living in the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. We talk about what life was like inside the walls the Nazi party put up to limit the movement of the Jews inside the walls and why it was essentially just a large concentration camp. He talks about living near an actual concentration camp and the sights he saw, and what traumatic images were burned into his memory. But there was a turning point. He was able to escape and eventually able to move to America and begin his studies. We then talk about how and why he became an animal rights activist and why he feels so strongly and passionately about the topic at hand. And when you hear his story, and see it from his perspective, it becomes awfully to refute his logic. We also talk about the lessons he's learned and how we can avoid, as a society, remaking those same mistakes and treating people once again like animals.

For more information on Dr. Hershaft and his work in the fields of Human and Animal Rights - please visit the following - - Human Rights - Animal Rights

On a side note, it has been my absolute pleasure over the last two seasons to bring you stories of everyday people overcoming tremendous obstacles in their life. I am taking a small break to focus on my family and the health of my daughter, but I will be back for a season 3 with more amazing and inspiring guests! See you all very soon!

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S2:E37 – Chasing the Vase ft. Brock Bevell

Chasing the Vice

This week on Focused on Forward I talk with Brock Bevell from the podcasts Chase the Vase and Agents of Recovery. Brock is a former Police Officer who was on Anti-Drug Task Forces, and working to get drugs off the streets. Unfortunately, due to injuries received over the years in the field, he was medically retired. And thats when the trouble with prescription pain medications started. The irony here is that the officer who had spent his career trying to remove drugs from the street, was now fighting his own fight with addiction. Brock is VERY open about his own addiction, what it cost him and what he lost along the way. He is now working to help others in programs to move past their addictions and part of two very powerful podcasts. Be inspired by Brocks story,. But be encouraged by the good work this man is doing now to help his community and anyone who will listen.

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S2:E36 – Facing Fears and Moving Forward ft. Janice Burt

Facing Fears and Moving Forward ft. Janice Burt

This week on Focused on Forward, we welcome Janice Burt. Janice talks about something we all have to deal with in our everyday lives - Fear. We all deal with fear and it can be detrimental to our mental and emotional health. Janice talks about how fear held her back, how from a young age fear prevented her from going forward and reaching our for the things in life she needed and wanted. But we also hear from Janice how she became Focused on Forward and how she made the changes in her life to allow her to face her fears and do the things she need and wanted to do. Listen to Janice's story of overcoming and be inspired to make changes in your life, and not allow fear to hold you back anymore either.

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