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S2:E36 – Facing Fears and Moving Forward ft. Janice Burt

2 years ago

Facing Fears and Moving Forward ft. Janice Burt

This week on Focused on Forward, we welcome Janice Burt. Janice talks about something we all have to deal with in our everyday lives - Fear. We all deal with fear and it can be detrimental to our mental and emotional health. Janice talks about how fear held her back, how from a young age fear prevented her from going forward and reaching our for the things in life she needed and wanted. But we also hear from Janice how she became Focused on Forward and how she made the changes in her life to allow her to face her fears and do the things she need and wanted to do. Listen to Janice's story of overcoming and be inspired to make changes in your life, and not allow fear to hold you back anymore either.

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