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S3:E4 – Challenges of the Caregiver ft. Lisa Zawrotny

2 years ago

Challenges of the Caregiver

This is my friend and fellow podcaster, Lisa Zawrotny. Lisa has been kind enough to have me on her show called - Positively Living. Lisa is a Productivity Coach certified in time and stress management, but that's not why we have her on the show today. Lisa tells us about the challenges she endured helping her husband care for his aging mother who was having end of life issues while at the same time becoming a new mother. We talk about the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual toll this all took on her, her husband and her new family. We talk about how Lisa got to a point of being able to move forward, and what has helped to stay Focused on Forward. Be sure to stick around for the end and hear the best piece of advice that Lisa ever received through her process. I had to think about it for a long time and it affects nearly every facet of our lives.

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