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S3:E5 – Tis But a Scratch ft. Chris DT Gordon

1 year ago

Tis But a Scratch

Necrotizing Fasciitis. No matter how you say it. It doesn't sound good. Anytime you hear or see the word Necrotizing, nothing good follows. And the story of Chris DT Gordon surviving Necrotizing Fasciitis isn't that much different. We talk with Chris about his journey - how he got it, how he fought it, and how he survived it. We talk about how Chris is now a podcaster and motivational speaker. Chris hosts a podcast called Scarbearers ( I have been a guest on his show) and talks to people who have overcome, but still bear some scars from what life has dealt them. Come for a story of survival, stick around to be inspired by one of the nicest guys you will ever get a chance to meet.

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