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S3:E7 – From Identified Problem to Identified Possibility ft. Dedee Pfeiffer

2 years ago

From Identified Problem to Identified Possibility ft. Dedee Pfeiffer

We talk with Dedee Pfeiffer about her dealing with lifelong addictions with alcohol and more. As a high functioning alcoholic, Dedee was able to have a career, children and marriages. She was able to accomplish many things while carrying this problem of addiction on her back and trying to hide her struggle. We talk about her progress through her addiction, her progress through rehab and why family and her community are what keep her moving forward in life and sobriety. Our goal in this conversation is to help us to see that the stigmas attached to addiction and rehab need to go away. To help people see that this is a problem that can affect anyone - addiction doesnt care about you, your family, how much money you have in check book or what kind of car you drive. Instead - building a community around you to help you move past that stigma. PLEASE - if you are struggling with some form of active addiction - PLEASE reach out. Get the help that you and your family deserve.

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