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S2:E37 – Chasing the Vase ft. Brock Bevell

2 years ago

Chasing the Vice

This week on Focused on Forward I talk with Brock Bevell from the podcasts Chase the Vase and Agents of Recovery. Brock is a former Police Officer who was on Anti-Drug Task Forces, and working to get drugs off the streets. Unfortunately, due to injuries received over the years in the field, he was medically retired. And thats when the trouble with prescription pain medications started. The irony here is that the officer who had spent his career trying to remove drugs from the street, was now fighting his own fight with addiction. Brock is VERY open about his own addiction, what it cost him and what he lost along the way. He is now working to help others in programs to move past their addictions and part of two very powerful podcasts. Be inspired by Brocks story,. But be encouraged by the good work this man is doing now to help his community and anyone who will listen.

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