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S3:E6 – Postpartum Depression and New Mothers ft. Angela Knappenberger

2 years ago

Postpartum Depression and New Mothers

Meet Angela Knappenberger. Angela was a new mother with a baby who just decided that she didnt need to sleep. There was issues with sleep, latching on and more. Angela began to experience postpartum depression and was running on emotional and physical fumes. Eventually she began the process of sleep training for her new baby and to allow her to get some sleep as well. Angela also tells us how and why she became a sleep coach to help other families work their way through this journey as well.

For more information on Angela and her work as a sleep coach, please visit the following website - “Register for Lehigh Valley Sleep Coach's FREE Newborn Sleep Workshop! LIVE daily sessions at 10 EST February 14-18 to help you build an awesome sleep foundation and have the best sleeper on the block!”

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