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S2:E38 – Surviving the Holocaust ft. Dr. Alex Hershaft

1 year ago

Surviving the Holocaust

In our season 2 finale we present the story of Dr. Alex Hershaft. We talk about living in the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. We talk about what life was like inside the walls the Nazi party put up to limit the movement of the Jews inside the walls and why it was essentially just a large concentration camp. He talks about living near an actual concentration camp and the sights he saw, and what traumatic images were burned into his memory. But there was a turning point. He was able to escape and eventually able to move to America and begin his studies. We then talk about how and why he became an animal rights activist and why he feels so strongly and passionately about the topic at hand. And when you hear his story, and see it from his perspective, it becomes awfully to refute his logic. We also talk about the lessons he's learned and how we can avoid, as a society, remaking those same mistakes and treating people once again like animals.

For more information on Dr. Hershaft and his work in the fields of Human and Animal Rights - please visit the following - - Human Rights - Animal Rights

On a side note, it has been my absolute pleasure over the last two seasons to bring you stories of everyday people overcoming tremendous obstacles in their life. I am taking a small break to focus on my family and the health of my daughter, but I will be back for a season 3 with more amazing and inspiring guests! See you all very soon!

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