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S3:E17 – Addiction, Mental Health, and Recovery ft. Sam

2 years ago

Addiction, Mental Health, and Recovery

This week's guest has chosen to remain anonymous, and we will only call him Sam. Sam is a recovering Alcoholic with years of sobriety, still attending his AA classes. He tells us about his small town, religious upbringing. He talks about how that affected his outlook on life, his relationship with his parents and resulted in his being sent to boarding school. He tells us about how he started drinking, how it sent him to rock bottom. He also tells us about his struggles with his own mental health, the need for counseling and why the stigma around mental health hospitals needs to go away. There is a lot here to unpack and there are parts of this story that you have to hear to understand. Please share Sam's story with those you know who either need to enter recovery, or who are fighting for their sobriety.

For more information - Alcoholics Anonymous - Narcotics Anonymous - Suicide Hotline - or call 800-273-8255

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