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S3:E16 – Looking to Love and Wellness ft. Tal Zlotnitsky

2 years ago

Looking to Love and Wellness

We talk with serial entrepreneur Tal Zlotnitsky about moving past heartache and looking to love and wellness. Tal tells us about moving from Israel with his family at a young age to America. He moved from his home country and experiencing some level of fame on Israeli TV to the UNited States and being an unknown. He talks about feeling like an outcast, being the new kid and treated unkind by his schoolmates. He talks about falling in and out of love and being a single parent at an young adult age. But most importantly, he tells us how he has moved past these things to be successful in his life, his businesses and why he feels that love is needed more now than ever before. Please check out his company, which specializes in love and wellness - Our.Love

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